“Successful meditation with the mind, ultimately leads to meditation without the mind.”

Remez Sasson



The different forms of meditation are as varied and unique as the spiritual traditions that teach them. Meditation is a variety of techniques or activities in which we engage our minds and on which we focus our attention:

  • Mindfulness of the breath
  • Contemplation of a symbol
  • Focus on a candle flame
  • Slowly walking
  • Repetition of a mantra
  • Breathing in the "darkness", transmuting it and breathing out "light"

As St. Francis of Assisi taught – A loving, simple and permanent
attentiveness of the mind to divine things

The benefits of Meditation are many:

  • Stillness and serenity of the mind
  • Full presence in the moment
  • The cultivation of compassion
  • Realization of the impermanence of objects, people, and an ever changing reality
  • Liberation from the impediments and fatigue of ideas and thoughts
  • Reduction of the effects of stress
  • Promotion of deep relaxation and more restful sleep
  • Aid in the healing of many diseases
  • Heightening of the abilities to concentrate and focus
  • Opening of the heart
  • Attainment of freedom of the soul
  • A way to experience the presence of the Divine


Be silent, only silent.
Silence does not mean the absence of speech.
It means the absence of thoughts.
When the mind quiets down it becomes linked to the infinite.
Don't do anything,
just sit and watch the flow of thoughts
and watching them dissolves them.
The awakening of witnessing
brings freedom from the modifications of the mind.
With thoughts finished consciousness arises.
This is Samadhi.
This is Heaven.




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