WHY Yoga?

Yoga is a 5,000 year old science of well-being, touching every aspect of life. Many westerners think of yoga as just the performance of physical postures yet it is so much more. Its philosophy teaches the balance and harmony of body, mind & spirit in order to obtain optimal health and happiness, advocating a simple way of living, as close to Nature as possible. It is a way of life with goals of creating union between body, mind and spirit and union with Divine Intelligence. The asana practice of Hatha Yoga was designed to prepare the body and mind to be in the state most conducive to the practice of meditation. The yogi masters realized that a body which is properly cared for, nourished and developed, is a greater instrument for the mind & spirit and the work of soul growth.

The benefits of Hatha Yoga are now well known and authenticated in the Western World.

    Without exercise all of us lose muscle mass as we age which can
    eventually result in weakness and loss of balance and coordination. Asana practice reverses this process.
    As most people age, muscles shorten and tendons become stiffer. This reduces the range of motion and prevents optimal movement of one’s knees, shoulders, elbows, spine and other joints. Muscles respond to stretching by becoming larger and capable of extracting and using more oxygen. This creates benefits of increased muscle strength and endurance.
    You will enjoy greater stamana with better fitness of your heart, lungs and blood vessels. There will be a lower risk for a host of illnesses like heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

    Yoga poses help increase lung capacity by improving the flexibility of the rib area, shoulders and back, allowing the lungs to expand more fully. Breathwork further boosts lung capacity, conditioning the diaphragm and helping to more fully oxygenate the blood.
    Balancing postures strengthen the body while developing lightness, agility and muscle-tone. Tremendous control and coordination is required promoting the abilities for heightened concentration and focus.
    The body has the innate wisdom to be our greatest teacher/healer/guide if we can only learn how to pay attention.








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