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upcoming international retreat
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Villa Sumaya - Guatemala
January 26 - February 4, 2023
Add-on trip to Antigua and Tikal available February 4-8, 2023!
Breath IS Life: The WHY, WOW & HOW
of Optimal Breathing with Laurie Ellis-Young

Explore and harness the “Extraordinary Power in Your Ordinary Breath” for yourself, and to share with others by becoming a Level I Certified Trainer. (CEU’s offered)

“Breath is everything. Yoga will change your body, but the breath will change your life.”

                      ~Yoga Teacher & Activist, Sean Corne

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You are invited to the magical, Mayan paradise of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala (what Aldous Huxley called “the most beautiful lake in the world”) to breathe like you’ve never breathed before.


You will explore how your breathing is both an ART and a SCIENCE, while harnessing its “super-powers” for more: Presence, Peace, Power, Poise, Pausitivity, Play, Patience, Passion & Purpose in order to live your most fulfilling life.

For many of us, the world seems crazy right now and there is nothing we can really do about it. Yet masters have always told us that if we want to change the world we must begin with ourselves.


How we breathe is core to who we are. How we breathe is how we live life.

Whatever field you are involved in, this retreat/training will enhance your abilities to perform and contribute both personally and professionally.

We will address the power of breath - from A-Z!

Anxiety | Blood Pressure | Brain & Heart | Emotions | Energy | Executive Functions | Focus | Forgiveness  Graceful Aging | Hospice | Intuition | Kindness & Compassion | Medicine Chest | Neuroscience | Performance  Relationships | Sleep | STRESS | Trauma | Vagus Nerve | Yoga | Zen

Retreat Details

From living in Guatemala and facilitating retreats for decades, Laurie learned retreatants like to be met upon arrival and have time for transition and appreciation of the unique beauty and culture around them. Therefore she adds two days in the charming colonial city of Antigua before going to Lake Atitlan and also the option of a five day/four-night add-on to visit Peten and the incomparable ruins of Tikal.

You will be met at the airport and spirited away to the luxurious Hotel Casa Santo Domingo in the charming colonial city of Antigua ~ the perfect place to transition from “daily life” to adventure and retreat.

What's Included

  • Airport meeting and transportation within Guatemala (taxis, shuttles, boats)

  • Double accommodations at the Hotel Casa Santo Domingo

  • The book “Breath Is Life” and the accompanying workbook

  • The “Power of Breath” comprehensive teaching manual

  • All teachings and routines including “The Five Tibetans” and “The Lotus Practice”

  • Completion Certificate 

  • One personal session for individual consultation (during or after retreat)

  • Double accommodations (single accommodations; super-luxury accommodations may be available for an extra fee)

  • 3 scrumptiously delicious vegetarian meals a day (fish or chicken may be requested for an additional fee)

  • Serendipitous Surprises

  • Hiking / Exploring / Special connections with locals 

  • One lake excursion

  • All taxes and gratuities

  • Unlimited tea and water

  • Serendipitous Surprises

  • Opportunities for connection for teaching with Breathe the Change and BreathLogic


  Not Included     

  • Round trip airfare to/from GUA

  • Specialty drinks or snacks

  • Spa services

  • Internet

  • Shopping

Price: $2,999.00* (Group is small for more individual attention)

*Ask about our scholarships.


Deposit: $1,000 non-refundable due at registration ($500 may be applied to other offerings if need be)

Total payment due by January 1st, 2023.

Consider an add-on trip to Tikal!
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February 4th - 8th, 2023
Includes a complimentary copy of Laurie's book Breath Is Life
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a message from Laurie

“I feel this training is unique and special. I have been honing these teachings for over 30 years, learning how to reach yoga teachers & students, medical personnel, patients, educators, elders, students from K-post grad, homemakers, executives, office workers, athletes, UN personnel, girls rescued from brothels, peace workers, veterans and people dealing with direct trauma, secondary trauma, and stress in walks of life, everywhere.

I want to pass on “Breath Literacy” and how to share maximum amount of material (that can change people’s breath and people’s lives) in the minimum amount of time. Voilà! ‘The Power of Breath’ workshop combined with wisdom and knowledge in “Breath Is Life,” and BLIPPs (Breath Literacy’s Instant Power Practices).”

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About Laurie

Laurie Ellis-Young, MTC, SYT 1000 (Senior Yoga Teacher, UK Yoga Alliance) is an author, speaker, MBSR instructor, global citizen, eternal student, avid adventurer, and SHIFT peace ambassador, who has traveled to almost 100 countries and facilitated groups to 20+ countries. Leading treks in the Nepal Himalayas first impressed Laurie with our breath’s magnitude. Experiences working with diverse populations on five continents convinced her that breath practices transform people’s lives. As founding director of Breathe The Change LLC and co-founder of non-profit BreathLogic®, she has nurtured the heartfelt vision and mission of implementing “Breath Literacy” as an empowering, peace-building and healing modality for over two decades in organizations dedicated to education, wellness, medicine, business, and humanitarian aid.

Believing trees to be the “lungs of the planet” Laurie and her husband founded and maintained a small reforestation project on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala for over 20 years. Now they live in woods outside of Hot Springs AR – the perfect place to forest-bathe during your breath retreat/training.

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What people are saying 
  • I have expanded my understanding of breath and I will be forever changed.  – Retreat / Training

  • The depth and breadth of what we learned was beyond my expectations. – Retreat /Training
    Everything about this training and retreat was superbly orchestrated. I feel like I have lifetime tools that I can immediately share. – Retreat / Training

  • You are magical.  Our trip was so amazing – again! – and filled with such special experiences each and every day…… I am already using Heart Breath with preschoolers, adults and Seniors.  I can’t thank you enough for everything – Retreat / Training

  • You are a gifted and passionate speaker with such valuable information to share. This was the best-attended training we’ve had. –Corporate workshop


  • I am grateful beyond words for your work with us.  You covered an amazing amount of territory, so I applaud your courage and strength.  I feel today that a large amount of density lifted physically, mentally and emotionally.   And that process will continue for a while.  – Power of Breath Workshop


  • You are a gifted facilitator for deep transformational change.  –Power of BreathWorkshop


  • The Love I experienced was beautiful.  The Love I felt for every soul present was incredible.  The Love continues, always. –Retreat


  • I am beginning to realize how important the breath is to a healthy, radiant life – thank you once again.  –Power of Breath Workshop

  • “One of the most moving experiences I have ever had!”  –Retreat

  • “I have taken many workshops over the years, but this was THE VERY best!  –Power of Breath Workshop


  • Laurie was so inspirational!  From the embodiment of her ‘being’ and philosophy of her practice, I learned of a deep, spiritual respect for the art of breathing correctly and how it benefits both the body and soul.  –Power of Breath Workshop


  • Her presentation style is with grace, peacefulness and humor. I have never experienced anything like her before. –Power of Breath Workshop

  • Laurie Thank you for a “slice of heaven”!  –Retreat

  • I appreciate my new “tools” and the adventurous experiences.  –Retreat / Training

  • I feel expanded and more connected with all! –Retreat

  • You far exceeded my expectations.  You taught in such a way that I remembered just about everything you said, and that is unusual for me.  I would highly recommend this to everyone. –Power of Breath Workshop


  • Laurie’s breath workshop was one of the most profound experiences of my life. I have been a student of the spiritual all of my life and have explored many avenues in my quest. Laurie’s workshop was one of the most profound consciousness raising experiences I have had. –Power of Breath Workshop


  • While I only planned to attend the morning workshop, I was so inspired with her teachings that I stayed for the full day. It was the second half of the workshop that totally blew the top off for me. It was through her fun-loving and open-hearted approach to the breath work and an outdoor nature meditation walk that she opened me into the consciousness from which she was teaching. –Power of Breath Workshop


  • I have been in the healthcare field for decades and appreciate the incredible scope of her knowledge and teachings.” –Power of Breath Workshop

From NESA Educational Conference in Athens:
The Breath workshop exceeded my expectation in so many ways and I wanted to share some feedback about this with you using a basic framework that we use for IB lesson planning and delivery.  The framework is called KUD – as in Knowledge, Understanding and Doing (Skills).

KNOWLEDGE I found the depth of your knowledge about biology, physiology, human
anatomy, and logic, enticing and fascinating.  Your theoretical and technical knowledge
of the human body was used most effectively to supplement your anecdotal, and often
funny, background in breathing and yoga.


SKILLS (DOING) From the start of the workshop, you incorporated practice and demonstration into our learning as participants.  Rather than talk only, you preferred to demonstrate, and encouraged us to experience the impact/effects of proper breathing techniques on our daily lives.  This method of delivery allowed us to embed the practices into our lives in a seamless manner.  Your experiential approach enabled me to overcome my own inhibitions about breathing incorrectly and in front of others.


UNDERSTANDING What was apparent from the opening activity of the workshop, was your deep understanding of the many ways in which breathing techniques were transferable to participants.  As we practiced the techniques and the skills, our understanding deepened.  Through the fusion of real-world applications (your stories) and your ethnographic research (your life experiences), we were able to appreciate your passion and your authentic approach to the mantra of “breath is life”.

Registration Form

Registration for Villa Sumaya - Guatemala Retreat 

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* Full payment does not include:

  • Round trip airfare to/from GUA

  • Specialty drinks or snacks

  • Spa services

  • Internet

  • Shopping

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Tikal Trip Add-On 

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