Large & small, inside & outside,
Laurie facilitates a wide
range of gatherings to 
celebrate breath 
Experience the power of 
Laurie's relaxing, yet
invigorating retreats, often
in exotic places around the globe
Laurie conducts breathing and breath literacy workshops
for children and adults
in any setting
Stunning photographs taken by Nancy Chakrin of Laurie and others in Yoga poses have become traveling exhibits.
Laurie Ellis-Young

Laurie Ellis-Young MTC, SYT, has a mission of sharing the extraordinary power in our ordinary breath with the world.  She has practiced and studied breathwork, yoga, peace-building, mind/body therapies and wellness techniques from both ancient and contemporary traditions for over 50 years.  Laurie is passionate about the potential in our breath for promoting brain function, stress resiliency and enhanced health & well-being. 


As founding director of Breathe The Change LLC and co-founder of the non-profit BreathLogic, she is a pioneer in implementing the competencies of ‘Breath Literacy’ in centers of medicine, healthcare, education, corporations and humanitarian organizations.  


A yoga teacher, MBSR instructor, SHIFT Peace Ambassador, author and presenter, Laurie has worked with diverse populations on five continents. She and her husband, Dr. George Ellis, clinical psychologist, are the authors of the soon to be released book: Breath is Life.

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Yoga over Tikal