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Breath is Life: An Interview
& Meditation with Laurie Ellis-Young

Donna Melanson interviews author Laurie Ellis-Young about her new book, Breath is Life

Optimizing One's Health
During the Pandemic

In this most recent interview excerpt, Laurie Ellis-Young shares practical how-to steps for optimizing personal health during the Coronavirus crisis.  She explains why proper breathing is so important for strengthening immunity and calming anxiety.

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Laurie Ellis-Young
Coronavirus: The Power of Breath
in Challenging Times
Effects of Coronavirus are causing a lot of fear, confusion and stress for many people. When things are out of our control and challenge aspects of our lives, what can we do?

Listen in on this conversation between Venerable Women founder Dawn Morningstar and Breath Logic non-profit founder Laurie Ellis-Young. They discuss the power of breath to help us in times of stress.

Change your breath; change your life.

Venerable Women

Laurie Ellis-Young

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Listen Now
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Laurie Ellis-Young and Dawn Morningstar
Saturday, March 14, 2020
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