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Laurie's passion project

Changing the world through the power of breath
by teaching the world how to breathe better and together

Co-founded by Laurie Ellis-Young and Nancy Chakrin in 2013, BreathLogic is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to teach Breath Literacy locally and globally, alleviate suffering and expand world peace. Their vision is for humanity to breathe together and create a world of wellness and peace for all.

BreathLogic offers free COVID-19 breathing tutorial videos to help you breathe better, breath workshops and retreats in addition to a variety of other breathing programs. Learn more by visiting their website.

Highlights in Photos

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History Highlights


  • BreathLogic's 501(c)(3) non-profit status was approved in January 2013 and BreathLogic was born. Founding board member Jeffrey Brown created the name BreathLogic. 

  • BreathLogic team members started providing presentations in numerous schools, universities, corporations, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, NGO’s and community centers. 


  • We conducted a twenty-one-day program, "Relax, Revitalize, Refocus" at Park Nicollet Brookdale Clinic. The program included lunch 'n learns for the staff and  "Yoga On and Off the Wall" exhibits for the patient clinic areas.


  • We created an innovative program at the Lee Carlson Bridgeview Drop-in-Center for adults with serious and persistent mental illness in Fridley, MN. The BreathLogic team led the participants to artistically explore and design the word  "B-R-E-A-T-H-E." Additionally, aromatherapy, meditation, music, movement, creativity and laughter enhanced participation.


  • We cultivated a nurturing partnership with the non-profit organization, Girls in Action. BreathLogic provided Breath Literacy mentoring and empowerment for underserved girls of color, Native Americans, Asian and Somali communities. We created training manuals for their leadership training. BreathLogic team members provided experiential classes at St. Paul’s Washington Technology Magnet School, Patrick Henry/ Cooper High Schools, Somali Community centers, and elementary children dealing with ADHD and Autism Spectrum at Harvest Preparatory in Minneapolis. 

  • BreathLogic took a four-week version of their program "Relax, Revitalize, Refocus, Reset" for the University of Minnesota library staff as both lunch 'n learns and after-work hour sessions.  


  • We published a downloadable "Pre Op Post Op Breath Meditation" CD which is available on


  • We attended the 2017 & 2018 University of West Virginia’s conferences in Jekyll Island, GA on Distance Learning Administration with the vision that someday the best way to teach Breath Literacy globally would be on-line. Little did we foresee the COVID ZOOM world being the future.


  • In 2018 Laurie taught in Athens Greece at the Near East South Asia (NESA) Council of Overseas Schools  leadership conference.

  • International trainings and retreats around the globe include Guatemala, Ukraine and the 2019 International Integrative Nursing Symposium in Galway, Ireland, which resulted in our teachings being shared in The Netherlands and Iceland.


  • In 2020 Laurie provided breakout sessions via Zoom for the NESA leadership conference in held in Athens, Greece.

  • During the COVID pandemic, BreathLogic team members created 9 breathing tutorial videos to help COVID patients as well as the public breathe better.

  • In November 2021, the prelaunch of Laurie and Dr. George's book took place at The Marsh in Minnetonka, MN. The book was officially published in January 2022.

  • In Laurie and the BreathLogic team created the 21-Days to Change and Daily BLIPPs (Breath Literacy's Instant Power Practices) programs.

  • Since the start of the war in Ukraine, Laurie and Dr. George provide weekly Zoom calls to Ukrainian psychologists, teaching them coping skills and breathing techniques to help the psychologists deal with the traumas of war for themselves and their clients.

  • Laurie and Dr. George provided in-person Professional Development Training to Ukrainian psychologists in Cyprus in September 2022.

Trees are our planet's lungs 

The oxygen from trees powers all of life 

BreathLogic supports rainforest reforestation and preservation programs.

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