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traveling exhibits
“Yoga ON and OFF the Wall” literally comes alive
off the wall by engaging the viewer in experiential wellness, music, storytelling, dance and artistic activities. The exhibit is based upon the co-authors, Nancy and Laurie’s, award-winning book Friendship: The Art of the Practice. Each photograph is accompanied by friendship and/or wellness quotations.


The colorful, traveling exhibits show that both yoga

and friendship transcend age, gender, race, culture and language. (Featuring women ages 10–100 in partner poses). Evidence-based studies illustrate that art in therapeutic centers promotes a positive healing environment. 

Yoga on Ice
University of Minnesota
BioMedical Libarary
Yoga On and Off the Wall
Modern Well
In hospital settings, art programs have been shown to assist in reducing pain, medications, and the average length of stays.  These programs benefit nurses by increasing engagement and wellbeing at work, reducing stress, enhancing nurse–patient communication and building relationships. 
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Yoga and the breathing practices taught by Breathe the Change help you breathe better.

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