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Breathing Techniques: Laurie Ellis-Young
Interview: Where Women Talk Episode 9 with host Nadia Giordana. 
Nadia Giordana is an author, speaker, mentor, motivator and TV host.

September 2020
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Becoming an Authentic Leader in an Applied Business Setting
University of Minnesota Course ABUS 4105 (301)

August 11, 2020 - January 6, 2021
Laurie Ellis-Young UofM
The Power of Beath and the Importance of Lung Health:
How to Strengthen the Respiratory System with Laurie Ellis-Young and Rosa Marroquin, MD.
Moderator and Coordinator
Debby Magnuson
May 23, 2020 Video
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Article "Conscious Breathing in Action," by Laurie Ellis-Young
in The Edge Magazine 
August 2019
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Conscious Breathing in Action.PNG
Nancy Chakrin & Laurie Ellis-Young featured inLake Minnetonka Magazine
as BreathLogic Workshops promote healthy living.
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